Take full control of Title IV processing and improve compliance.

  • Manage FAFSA on Q.net
  • Determine students who need to submit FAFSA
Corrections & Verifications
  • Manage corrections and verifications on Q.net
  • ISIRS are imported directly from USDE
  • View and print ISIR
  • Generate estimated award instantly
Entrance Counseling & MPN
  • Manage Entrance Counseling and MPN life cycle on Q.net
  • Entrance Counseling Acknowledgements and MPN records are imported directly from USDE
Packaging, Awarding & Originating
  • Package, award and originate on Q.net
  • Package financial aid optimized for maximum award
  • Release funds on Q.net
  • Identify issues preventing fund releases
  • Manage disbursements on Q.net
  • Rapid Award to Disbursement cycle
Return to Title IV
  • Manage Title IV Returns on Q.net
  • Automated R2T4 calculation
  • Automated Student Refund calculation
  • Title IV accounts report
  • IPEDS report
  • Gainful Employment reports
  • Compliance Audit reports