Q.net is a new paradigm in college management.  It employs new technologies to allow you to manage your college in a way it was not possible before.

Q.net provides a complete solution that administers all processes from lead management to job placement: Lead Management / Admissions / Student Financial Aid / Academic Records /Student Accounts / Job Placement / Reports for regulatory agencies
By integrating all the work processes into one database, Q.net provides efficient working environment.  You enter information only once and everyone else can share that information.  In a disconnected system, information is entered multiple times into multiple systems, wasting valuable time and creating inconsistencies among co-workers.
Often, an event triggers multiple tasks that need to be done in sequence in a timely fashion.  An example is when a student drops from a program.  In such an event, nearly all the departments need to be notified of the fact so that they can take appropriate actions.  Refund calculation needs to be performed.  In most cases, refund checks should be printed and sent to appropriate agencies and/or the student.  Q.net notifies appropriate staff member and performs refund calculations automatically, thus saving you time.
Q.net is accessed through the internet.  This gives you an advantage to work in your office, at home or while traveling, wherever there's an internet connection.
Individually Customized
We customize Q.net so that it’s just right for your school.  In addition, Q.net is customized down to each individual user.  This makes Q.net simple to learn and use.
Built-In Alert System
Q.net has a built-in alert system that checks for critical tasks that need to be performed.  For example, Q.net will warn the accounting manager and the Financial Aid Director when a refund check is not drawn within 40 days of a student’s date of withdrawal, so that the accounting manager can take immediate action.  We will set up the alert system that is appropriate for your school.
Easy Reports
Q.net enables you to extract critical information quickly without having to rely on other people to put the information together.  You can generate reports yourself.  It’s as easy as a click of a button.  We design the reports for you.  You can count on impartial and accurate reports.
No Costly Setup
We do not install Q.net in computers at your site.  Instead, you connect to Q.net through the internet using web browsers.  Your database is set up on the servers at our datacenter.  This means that there is no cost involved in setting up and maintaining servers at your school.  All you need is a web browser to do all your work.  Q.net takes care of the rest.