We believe in the importance of providing individual services so that you may optimally utilize the tools we provide for your school.  We offer the following services.

Everyday Operational Support
We support your faculty and staff on all issues that arise in everyday operation of your school.  Our knowledgeable staff is always at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Employee Training
We train your employee when you transfer an employee to another position or when you hire a new employee.  All your employees will be well trained in using the system by the expert.

Support for Changes
All business goes through changes over time.  The conditions under which you run your business change continually.  You will need to make adjustments on how you work under the changing conditions.   In addition, you will invariably come up with new initiatives to improve your operation.  Recognizing that these changes are healthy part of a successful business, Eduquette supports you in making those changes.  We will work with your team from planning through implementation.
Data Conversion Services
Eduquette offers complete data conversion from your current database to Eduquette system.  This service is recommended for schools that want to completely migrate to Eduquette and wishing to generate reports for annual reports and IPEDS reports that require historical data going back several years.