Eduquette can help you to administer Title IV processing efficiently and meet compliance requirements.

Most Advanced
Eduquette's features unprecedented integration and automation of Title IV processing. takes care of all the tasks traditionally performed by Title IV third-party servicers.  You can bring financial aid processing in-house with confidence.  Or, you may choose to keep your current third-party servicer, while automating all the other processes with
Most Experienced
Take advantage of our long experience in offering completely integrated Title IV processing over the internet.  We offer a proven solution to meet your expectation for robust web-based Title IV processing. 
Improve Compliance
Built-In Title IV regulation enforcement prevents you from making common mistakes.  Get Title IV consultation from our experts when you need help or guidance. 
Step-By-Step Processing
Carry out the funding process from FAFSA to Title IV Return by following built-in step-by-step process.  You will never miss a step causing delays in funding. 
Eduquette’s software includes all features needed to process Title IV.  There’s no need to use the Department’s software or any other software.  This also means that there’s no need to import/export any data.  Find out more about what you can do with our software